Boswin Hangzhou
Boswin Hangzhou

This is an upcoming International Commercial and Cultural and Centre (ICCC) at Hangzhou. The Boswin group and government of Hangzhou together in collaboration with Sri Lanka China Commercial and Friendship Association this beautiful centre is going to be start soon. Size of the Project Building is 25000 Squire Meters and planning to finish the construction by end of June.

Intended Participating Countries are Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen, Indonesia, Russia, Japan, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and many more.

Boswin china
Boswin china

Each country will be given one pavilion each and give the common conference and meeting centre. Further, this provides the facility of 100 office rooms for those countries to start new companies in China. Already plan to start International Tea Exchange, Gem Exchange, Herbal exchange. World Tea Standard Organization is Join with this project for quality certification.

Building arrangement
Building arrangement

Further, This facility is connected with Wechat Platform, Alibaba, Ctrip as sales and marketing channels to China. International and Local ( Within China) Logistics and courier services will be provided to provide participant companies at very reasonable rates. the local and International Courrier services.

All the required assistance will be given to participating companies to set up their own companies in China and their own staff can be employed.

Key interesting ventures
  1. Tea Auction
  2. Gem & Gold Exchange
  3. Travel Hub
  4. Art and Craft Exchange
  5. Shopping mall
  6. Food Mall
  7. Knowledge Centre
  8. Online Platform
  9. MICE
  10. Hotel
  11. Startup companies ( foreigners only)


Note: all the cost mention below are in RMB (Yuan), Company registration service and accounting and government return services are optional.



Marketing Channels

  1. Weixing (WChat) Platform  – Listing Free Sales commission 10%
  2. Taobao -Listing Free Sales commission 10%
  3. Tmall – Listing Free Sales commission 10%
  4. Weidian ( Wechat shop) – Listing Free Sales commission 10%
  5. Ctrip- Listing Free Sales commission 10%
  6. Weibo – Free
  7. Platform APP – Listing Free Sales commission 10%
  8. Payment Options: Alipay, Wechat Pay, Union Pay
  9. Money transfer to Sri Lanka T+1
  10. Payment Gateway fee 1%

Foreign own Chinese company setting up service


  1. Being a foreigner ( one or more)
  2. No criminal records
  3. No Bankruptcy record
  4. Age above 18 years
  5. Need a Business Location ( can use ACC office address)

Setting up Cost

  1. Legal Fee RMB 4500 (Including Government Fees) – to set up the Limited Liability Company
  2. RMB 1000 to open Bank account ( but recommend to bring a reasonable amount of money for your initial operation.
  3. Staff salaries – average salaries of Chinese staff Starting from RMB 5000
  4. Translators cost – If you need translators usually have to pay about 200 to 500 RMB per day. depending on the English level you need.

Family setting up in China

  1. Obtaining Work Permit: Need service fee of RMB 10000 per Person and for his dependant RMB 1000 each.
  2. Obtaining 365-day Resident permit  RMB 800 government fee + 200RMB Service fee
  3. Obtaining Less than365-day Resident permit  RMB 400 government fee + 200RMB Service fee
  4. Obtaining a Resident permit for dependant same as above and Just service fee is RMB 100 per person.
  5. House rent of a 3 Bedroom House from RMB 5000 Onwards . and usually has to pay a minimum of 6 months at once and Security deposit of One-month Rent and setting up service fee of 1-month rent. ( basically, have to initially spend ‘Rent X 8’ and one month rent is refundable )


Mention the name of the company
Name of the person responsible for ICCC setting up the process. (Contact Person)

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Please provide as much as possible descriptive requirements you need. Because we provide each and every company a customized service according to their requirement
Sqm = Squire Meters
Sqm = Squire Meters
Sqm = Squire Meters





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