SriPay For Individuals to Use Lanka QR

Individuals of The Sri Lanka can download the SriPay App and can start use of Lanka QR at any merchant who provide the services though Lanka QR.

What is Lanka QR / National QR

This is the  Sri Lanka Official QR system introduce by the central bank of Sri Lanka. and any bank can offer this QR to any merchant that they prefer. And this will work as a payment gateway for Sri Lankan who have sri lankan Bank accounts with VISA cards to connect heir payment facility to any vender (Merchant) . So the Sri Pay provide the customer app for Sri Lankan customers to connect their bank accounts and to pay any Lanka QR holders.  So SriPay wallet holders can Scan any Lanka QR and pay money to those merchants.

Functions of Lanka QR

Payment reviving from any bank account holder of Sri Lanka who have to facility to scan the Lanka QR code.

Who can Use?

All Sri Lanka Bank account holders can Use Lanka QR as a payment method and any Merchant can be a QR holder.

How to Use?

Step1. Download Sri Pay App

Step 2. Connect your bank account to the SriPay app

Step3. Scan the Merchant QR code using SriPay wallet scan facility

Step 4. Pay any amount you preferred to the merchant

Step 5. Authenticate and released the payment to merchant.

Step 6. You get the notification of confirmation of payment and same time merchant also get the notification of confirmation of receiving o funds.