We Are SriPay

SriPay is a Mobile Wallet with the similar technology of Alipay and WeChat pay of China. This mobile wallet facilitates Sri Lankan citizens to connect their Bank accounts and do transactions using QR code with seamless opportunities. Customers and merchants both add their personal/merchant bank account to their SriPay wallet, from their transactions are made seamlessly between customers and merchants.

SriPay is also known as a Simplified Internet Payment Gateway Service/Multi-functional E-wallet that enables Customers and Businesses alike to conveniently accept and conduct Online Payments and bank transfers from your customers/friends/Family around the world.
SriPay is a unique payment gateway offering unprecedented services to merchants in Sri Lanka, our system is capable of accepting a wide range of payments methods Merchants are given the opportunity to receive funds from Chinese citizens with the Help of Alipay, hence increasing your market for Chinese tourist.

At SriPay are principle is to treat our customers and merchants with care while performing our services in a very secure manner, while offering Economical Services which are completely Transparent on every end.

We are the Pioneers to introduce the “AliPay wallet” to Sri Lankan Merchants, The Technical Provider is our very own developed system called “Payboot”. Payboot belongs to Boswin group and We are introducing very sooner other payment services as well. Such as WeChat Pay, Visa QR Services and Master QR service .

It is our mission to Implement Digital payment solution Technologies around Sri Lanka, Transforming our country into a new Digital Era regardless of the physical boundaries, We plan to Empower local Businesses in new ways of Receiving and accepting payments digitally