SriPay Provide the Following Services to any Bank of Sri Lanka.
Lanka QR Code integration Process

If you have a system for merchant management, we can integrate the QR code to your system directly. Our team of experts will guide you through out the process.




Merchant Management Software

Merchant Management Software

We can provide you with the Payboot Payment system which is a simple and secure payment platform developed by us to tally with your requirements. Payboot is furnished with a high-tech security layer and a control panel that enable it to process multiple payment gateway services and multiple payments. Its merchant account hierarchy consisting of Master Merchant, Merchant and Sub-merchant allows it to provide services at different levels. It supports both web based and mobile based online transactions allowing payments to be processed easily, anytime and anywhere. This software was checked by the Central Bank, and Alipay when we are introducing Alipay system to Sri Lanka. So it is proven and Approved system in Sri Lanka. without any doubt you can plug and play immediately as your merchant management system.


Merchant App Developments

With a single integration, Payboot Merchant app will give your merchants access to a full suite of eCommerce services including fraud and risk management, analytics and report generation. Every merchant is provided with the ability to control the transactions, analyze them and Request Refunding or cancelation



Customer App Development

Customer AppThe Payboot Customer app is a personal wallet application with an integrated ticket booking system for public transportation systems and utility bill payment plugins. Taxi booking, Bus and train booking, water bill and electricity bill payments and mobile top up facilities are provided with Payboot Wallet application. It’s easy, fast and secure payment options, controlled transaction process and analytical reports offers your clients a smart solution to control their day to day payments successfully. This App can scan Lanka Pay National QR , Alipay QR, WeChat Pay QR and M- Visa QR too.

Alipay Payment Gateway

Alipay Payment Gateway

SriPay provides Alipay online and offline payment facilities to Sri Lanka, This includes online integration, Alipay POS machines, Alipay QR codes, Online POS app etc. Further this service can be obtained by any potential merchant (Government Organisation/Company/Single Proprietorship/ Partnership and Individual Shop) who provides the product and services to the Chinese tourists. Read More

M-Visa Integration System

M VIsa

SriPay Provide services to banks to Obtain M-Visa , Integrate and introduce to merchants. This service includ total process of obtaining and integration and merchant management , eleven app developments , back end and security controls etc.