SriPay merchant App

SriPay Merchant App is Designed for Merchant Usage. It provides the following facilities and features to Merchants

  • Transaction history Checking
  • Transaction Notification
  • QR code Generation
  • Customer QR code Scanning
  • Sub Wallet Creation
  • Sub QR Generation
  • Account Balance Checking
  • Communication with SriPay
  • Profile Management
  • Password Control


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Merchant M-POS App ( For Merchants )

This App is Used by the Sub POS Wallet holders or Cashiers of the SBU’s. This is a Mobile POS application where merchant Mobile Phone will convert to a POS Machine in order to collect the payments from Customers. M-POS features are as follows

  • Merchant Login
  • Transaction History checking and real-time notification
  • Calculator type Front View to do the calculations
  • QR generation for Customer to Scan
  • Set Value QR generation
  • Customer QR Scanning facility
  • Password control


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SriPay Customer App

SriPay Customer App is Design for the customers to use as a Lifestyle Product and it facilitates the following features.

  • Scan and pay via Sri Pay QR Code
  • Scan and pay via National QR Code
  • Pay / Recharge Phone Bills
  • Order a Food / Book a restaurant
  • Book a Hotel
  • Buy Air Tickets
  • Card Repayments
  • Utility Bill Payments
  • Book Train tickets
  • Doctors channelling
  • Gift sharing with Friends
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