SRIPAY Customer App FOR general Public ( Customers)  TO Scan national QR

Individuals of The Sri Lanka can download the SriPay Customer App and can start use of Lanka QR at any merchant who provide the services though Lanka QR. SriPay customer App can identify Lanka QR ( National QR)  and Sri Pay QR too. No need o download any bank wallet. or you don’t need to be restricted any bank. This provide Sri Lankan to use Lanka QR freely without being restricted to any category.  


This is the  Sri Lanka Official QR system introduce by the central bank of Sri Lanka. And  Sri Pay or any bank can offer this QR to Sri Lanka merchants  that they prefer. And this will work as a payment gateway for Sri Lankan Merchants who have Sri Lankan Bank accounts. So customers can pay to any merchants using National QR provided that the customer have facility to sacan the national QR. Therefore  Sri Pay provide the customer App for Sri Lankan customers to connect their bank accounts and to pay any Lanka QR holding merchants.  So SriPay Customer wallet holders can Scan any Lanka QR and pay money to those merchants without any restrictions. 

Functions of Lanka QR

Payment reviving from any bank account holder of Sri Lanka who have to facility to scan the Lanka QR code.

What is SriPay QR

SriPay QR is a New kind of QR which is combination of National QR, ALipay QR, WeChat Pay QR, M-Visa QR. So Aripay QR is next generation QR which Provide multi Payment facility in a One QR.

Any merchant who have registered business in Sri Lanka can apply for Sri Pay QR ( Static  and Dynamic both kind) and Become a merchant withine few Minutes. To recive a SriPay QR ( Become a merchant ) have No Cost at all and all required facilities and training will be provided freely from SriPay to any merchant around the country. Merchants can recived the payments from customers who hold Banks acounts in Sri Lanka, Alipay wallet holders , Wechat pay Waller Holders and Visa wallet holders. In simple merchant can recive the payments from all Sri Lankans and all tourists who vists Sri Lanka without having Traditional kind of Card Swiping Machiens. This Sri Pay Service is ZERO cost registration proccess and we ensure that we provide the Lowest transaction cost to any merchant. We ensure trasnaation rate less than the VISA and Master and Amex card payment systems. The beauty of QR based payment system is this s the world most safest payment method at present and our dream is to push Sri Lanka to a next level of cash Less , card Less society.

Who can Use?

All Sri Lanka Bank account holders can use Sri Pay customer app and any foreigner who have the Alipay, WeChat Pay or Visa wallet holders can use this payment system to make Payment withine Sri Lanka.

How to Use by Customers?

Step1. Download SriPay Customer App

Step 2. Connect your bank account to the SriPay App

Step3. Scan the Merchant QR code using SriPay wallet scaning facility

Step 4. Pay any amount you preferred to the merchant

Step 5. Authenticate and released the payment to merchant.

Step 6. You get the notification of confirmation of payment and same time merchant also get the notification of confirmation of receiving of funds.